When rum meets dessert, magic happens.

A Danish creation from the days of colonization.

Each one of these babies is rolled by an islander. An islander with deep roots here. With the love that only a mother could have for her child.

So you are holding a little roam-soaked baby in your hand. Enjoy.

We’re located in an old historic building in downtown Charlotte Amalie dating back 200 years. So we hopefully are capturing the very soul of the island in each rum ball.

Our factory is off Main Street in downtown Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas. So once you pass all the jewelry shops and tourist traps, head one street deeper into the town and you’ll end up on Back Street (aka Wimmelskafts).

If you’re on a ship, have the taxi driver drop you off on Main Street and you should be good to go. If you are driving into town, park at Fort Christian and we’re a 4-5 minute walk.

Our operation isn’t massive, but we make a lot of those little rum treats.

We are only offering private tours of the facility at this time so shoot us a message and we can arrange for your visit.